“Fatte ‘na pizza c’a pummarola ‘ncoppa
vedrai che il mondo poi ti sorriderà.”

Pino Daniele

Located in the picturesque setting of the Crotone promenade, the pizzeria “Cos’e pazz” was born in 2014 offering an innovative, quick and lively way to present and serve the dishes. The ideal place to enjoy a menu full of pizzas and “panuozzi” prepared according to the classic neapolitan recipe, as well as delicious fry dishes and other bakery products cooked with high quality ingredients.

Tomato pizza

A timeless classic like the Margherita or an explosion of taste like the Raffa? Let yourself be tempted by our red pizzas ...

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White pizza

For the most delicate palates there is nothing better than enjoying a tasty white pizza with a filling edge and a real flavor. Discover our variants ...

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‘e panuozz

The panuozzo is the little brother of the pizza. From pizza she inherits the dough despite having a different shape, more similar to that of a sandwich. Cooked strictly in a wood oven, its stuffing, like pizza, can have a large number of variations. Discover them all ...

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The sfizi

Tease your palate with our specialties: from the most classic appetizers to those typical of the Neapolitan tradition. Discover them all

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